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Baby Feeding and Diaper Tracking: Mobile App vs Paper

MammaBaby app review
When I became a new mom less than a month ago, little did I know how much my life would change. Sure, I knew that I would have to make some adjustments to my priorities and routines. But, I could never have imagined how much one tiny human being could capture my heart. Since most of my time is spent feeding, burping, and changing my daughter, I frequently look down at her and marvel at how beautiful and perfect she is. She is truly a gift from God.

One thing I didn’t realize was how much time I would spend analyzing how much she eats at each sitting, how frequently she eats, the number of times we change her diaper, and the consistency and color of the packages she delivers. These questions started towards the end of our hospital stay and continued once we took her to her first pediatrician appointment. I learned that this information was important to the doctors to ensure that she is getting enough milk and gaining weight appropriately.

So, I knew I needed something to track her feedings and diaper changes. Since I love writing things down on paper, I initially went with a paper tracking system. I purchased a pretty personalized notebook from May Designs complete with the “baby diary” pages. The pages allow you to track your breastfeeding and bottle feeding sessions (time and amounts of milk) and add notes and track the number of wet and poopy diapers. It also includes a section to track her sleep. (I haven’t used this feature yet because I don’t want a reminder of how little I’m sleeping.) What I wish it had were more blank notes pages to truly make it a diary of her life (although there is a section at the front to record her birth story and pertinent details).

However, as much as I love the notebook, I learned that it just isn’t practical for my life right now. I need something quick and easy. Since I always have my cell phone nearby, a mobile app just makes sense. Enter the MammaBaby app. It’s perfect because it tracks all of the things that the notebook does plus more. Some of the features that I especially like are:

  • There is a timer to track how long she feeds on each breast, so I don’t have to time it myself and remember the individual and combined times.
  • There are various options to document the color and consistency of her deposits in her poopy diapers.
  • You can sync the app with another user, so my husband can also participate in feeding and diaper changes and track her information.
  • We can track her growth (weight, height, head size), and the app calculates what percentile she is in for those measurements.
  • You can set alarms for feedings, sleeping, and medicine times.
  • It includes charts to get a visual representation of the information we track.
  • It includes a summary log for each day and accompanying guidelines.

I’m looking forward to finding more ways to make my life easier as a new mom. I’d love some tips or recommendations for apps and resources that you love. Please share in the comments below.


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